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RajBet betting online

RajBet online betting platform is a trusted and reliable bookmaker marketplace that constantly improves user experience. Here we offer an easy registration procedure, an intuitive website with in-build cutting-edge tools, and a mobile app designed to provide access to bettors anytime and from anywhere.

Live streaming coverage of all possible sports events enables betting with RajBet using a real-time match information update, exclusive experts reviews, latest statistics, and predictions based on the match algorithms. Using available services, bettors can considerably increase their chances to win.

The boom of the online casino industry favored the migration of gamblers from the traditional casinos towards more convenient and client-oriented digital analogs. RajBet offers a chance to place bets on sports events easily and securely.

Cricket betting

Cricket is India's national sport. Life in Indian cities rolls around the Indian Premier League (IPL) from March to May. Cricket has become the most-watched sport. Streaming platforms compete to attract visitors and to offer the hottest news.

RajBet got together all tools and advanced functions to provide the best cricket streaming and betting opportunities.

Cricket fans can easily access

  • the recent news
  • exclusive in-depth reviews
  • match insights and predictions
  • deep analysis of the teams and players
  • real-time score
  • other handy information

All these tips are essential for making the right decision regarding placing a bet and winning money.

Football betting

Football captivates the hearts of millions of people. Football betting online can be called a family tradition. Generations of the same family members devotedly supported their favorite teams. Cutting-edge technologies tried football betting in our homes. Nowadays, there is no need to go to the stadium to place a bet and feel the match atmosphere.

Betting online webiste gives access to follow multiple matches simultaneously while getting the latest updates regarding possible results. Place bets online and get incredible winnings while enjoying the game in HD quality staying in your cozy home place.

Bet on Esports

Most sports are going digital to offer players a chance of being updated wherever they are and offer a competitive gaming experience. In many ways, it's the same as traditional sports, with fans following teams, watching matches, and placing bets on who will win. RajBet online casino offers an opportunity of betting on sports events in real-time.

Virtual sports betting

A wide selection of available competitions of horse racing, tennis, cycling, motorsports, football, or almost every imaginable sport is now available on online betting platforms.

Discover strategies, follow the tips and recommendations of recognized specialists. Use an opportunity to place bets once the match or race has started. Virtual sports on RajBet allows you to succeed in sports betting anytime and anywhere.

Live betting online

Live betting modified gambling's essence and considerably expanded the options of bettors' actions. Placing bets while a match takes place increases the chances of winning. The odds are constantly changing during the game. Live bettors can react by adapting their strategies.

RajBet live streaming

RajBet created a unique cutting-edge tool to enable the top-notch quality live streaming service. It allows fans to access real-time matches of their teams. With RajBet, it is easy to enjoy watching favorite sports and at the same time make money.

There is no more need to go to the stadium to place the bet. You can do it remotely in the most secure way possible.

  • Latest news, exclusive interviews
  • Live score update
  • Leading experts opinion
  • Video highlights and special features
  • Social media streaming and commenting

RajBet mobile betting app

In RajBet, we follow the trend and try to be avant-garde. It's challenging but worth the effort. RajBet mobile betting app provides fast access to the data about all sports events in India and worldwide.

Placing a bet has never been easier. Just log in to your RajBet account and enjoy all the features on your device. Winning money using a smartphone app and enjoying favorite sports now is real.

How to bet online with RajBet

To start betting with RajBet, players need to create an account. Once done, every newcomer gets a welcome bonus free bet. It can be used to try making a bet without losing your own funds.

There is a convenient search panel in the sportsbook to choose sports, leagues, or specific events you want to place the bet on. Track your bets (won, lost, refund, etc.), request fast withdrawals, and enjoy at maximum.

Online betting welcome bonus - 100% on deposit

Once registered, a new player starts enjoying the perks of being a member of the innovative community of RajBet. Our online betting offers a fantastic opportunity to get 100% on your deposit.

To get sports welcome bonus - 100%, a player needs to create a new account on RajBet, contact the chat support writing the promo code IPL2022, and get a free bet equal to 100% of their deposit.

RajBet free bet

Bookmakers give free bets to prompt loyalty. To get a free bet on RajBet, a player needs to find a unique promo code on landing pages, advertisements, emails, etc., send it to RajBet chat support and get a free bet. This betting offers the option of betting online through mobile, desktop, and tablet instead of in betting shops.


What is the easiest way to start betting?

To get involved in sports betting, you need to know and experience the sport you want to bet on. Find a reliable betting platform that offers secure, safe, and transparent service.

Create an account and set a budget you can spend on bets. However, you need to know and experience the sport you want to bet on. Before betting on real money, use welcome bonuses and free bets, which are always available for new players on RajBet.

Is sports betting legal in India?

Yes. Sports betting is legal in India. There are no federal laws that prohibit this practice. However, they are subject to restrictions and bans in some states. Prior to making sports bets consider an option to check out valid legislation of the state of residence.

How to win in sports betting?

  • choose a reliable and secure online betting platform
  • make a comprehensive pre-match analysis
  • set betting bankroll
  • bet on the sports you enjoy and know well
  • continually sharpen your betting strategy

How do I get RajBet free bet?

For the moment, there are three ways of getting a free bet on RajBet. You can rather contact our live support with a promo code, get a free bet in the sports welcome bonus, or make a deposit and get weekly sports cashback on Wednesdays in a form of a free bet. Try your luck with RajBet!

Sports Welcome Offer on RajBet:

  • Create a new account on RajBet
  • Contact the chat support writing the promo code IPL2022
  • Deposit a minimum amount of 1 000 INR
  • Get your free bet equal to 100% of your deposit
  • The maximum withdrawable amount for the current bonus is 15 000 INR

Weekly cashback 10% offer every Wednesday

Cashback is a widespread type of promotion in online sports betting. Here, the bettor places a "risk-free" bet. The amount will be returned if the total or partial bet is lost. The return is made in a free bet (not in real money), subject to the terms and conditions of the website.

200 INR in free bet for creating an account on RajBet. A player needs to find promotional codes to get a free bet. Landing pages, advertisements, mailing lists offer a chance to boost your betting winnings. Once found, the player needs to send the found code to live support chat to activate it and get a free bet.

What is the best mobile betting app?

RajBet app. We can bet that the RajBet is the best mobile betting app, as it is secure, safe, licensed, and has a huge collection of sports events you can bet on at the highest odds. In combination with live streaming at the same place - it gives you the most exciting feelings you ever had while betting.

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