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Stunning 3D graphics and the latest developments in the field of online casino games, meet RabCat Gambling!

RabCat Gambling originates its bright path in the Austrian capital, Vienna. Founded in 2001, it is a developer of the most tolerable design and graphics—an innovative manufacturer of popular online slot games and a leading creator of visual content for computer games.

The main profile of the company's work was in the field of computer games. In the computer games sphere, RabCat Computer Graphics cooperates with well-known developers and publishers: Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Deep Silver.

RabCat started working in the gambling industry in 2011 under the management of Thomas Schleischitz and Emmerich Hager. Now 3D animations, cinematic videos, and development based on HTML5 technology are the focus of RabCat Gambling.

RabCat Gambling Advantages

  1. The biggest advantage of RabCat Gambling slots is their incredible level of graphics and innovative features that surpass time. The graphics aren't only great, they're simply breathtakingly realistic and detailed. And a large number of video clips turn each game into a full-fledged animated movie.
  2. All RabСat Gambling slots support Flash and HTML5 and can be integrated with most of the popular platforms. In addition, all of the company's products have the necessary certificates.

The Most Popular RabCat Slots

The theme of the slots is so different that it is scattered from the most famous London detective and the female version of the ferocious vampire hunter to the snowy and cold northern world.

  • Sherlock of London
  • Tropical Wilds
  • Anna™ Van Helsing: Monster Huntress
  • Treasure Heroes
  • Mining Fever
  • North Storm

All journeys through the unexplored worlds of RabCat slots, storing their treasures and waiting for winners to be converted into real money, are carried out by RajBet online casino!

Play RabCat Slot Machines

RabCat Gambling's slots have a large number of video clips where you'll see fights, love scenes, and solving of high-profile cases. The video slots have many interesting and original features that make the gameplay really exciting and thrilling.

The company thoroughly tests its online casino games and also takes fair play as seriously as security. RabCat Gambling products are licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Play RabCat Gambling Slots

RabCat Gambling slots are among some of the most beautiful and interesting of all online casino games offered on RajBet online casino, but there aren't so many of these slots, apparently, the developer sticks to the principle of quality over quantity, as slots are rather rare in online casinos. Hurry up to get this unforgettable experience of immersion in a fairy tale!

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