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 Unique Spring Gift: Special bonus for new achievements!

Unique Spring Gift: Special bonus for new achievements!

2021-06-03 02:30

This time, the spring gives gifts — get a special bonus from Rajbet to start the summer in the right way! We at Rajbet, have prepared this bonus for you to win all the losses back and soar to new heights! 

Every Rajbet’s client will get his/her Spring Gift. Moreover, you may activate the sum of the gift and then withdraw it!


To get the gift is easy at that: 

  1. Everybody will get the mail with the specified sum of the spring gift. To activate this sum, deposit your account for the amount indicated in your email or less.
  2. Pay your attention that if you deposit your account for a smaller amount than indicated in the letter, then you will receive the lesser gift. 
  3. Write to the support to activate the bonus. The bonus can be activated from June 05 until June 12, 2021. 

Get the gift on your Casino Bonus Account! 

How to withdraw the gift:

The wager for this Rajbet bonus is x10. The bonus amount must be rolled over 10 times. Then the bonus amount shall be transferred from your Casino Bonus Account to your Casino Cash Account, and after that, you may withdraw it. For example, your gift is 100 ₹. To withdraw it, you need to place 100x10 = 1000 ₹ sum of bets.

You may roll over the bonus until June 22, 2021. 

Important! The gift expires when funds are withdrawn.

We don't have losers. Our clients always win! Hurry up to win it all back!

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