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Spribe Hidden Gems - Games Worth to Try

Spribe Hidden Gems - Games Worth to Try

2023-01-27 03:00

The Spribe developer announced itself in November 2018 and gained the status of a promising, innovative company in the online gambling market. In February 2020, the supplier participated in the international gambling industry exhibition at ICE London.

At the end of the same year, the company received licenses from regulators in Malta, UK. Today, the developer's products are recognized in Croatia, Romania, Gibraltar, Italy, Colombia, Sweden, Belarus, etc. Regulatory authorities have received certificates of conformity confirming the integrity of gaming processes and the declared RTP level.

In January 2019, the company's first release was the Aviator game, which became the top in RajBet best casino India. A few months later, a batch of P2P and Turbo Games was released. Entertainment is top-rated due to simple rules, fast sessions, and high RTP level.

For informational purposes, it is recommended to choose a demo version. All demo versions are available at RajBet casino absolutely free. This will allow you to practice, master the model's capabilities, and gain experience playing for real money. To test the functionality, RajBet online casino players are automatically credited with virtual currency to their accounts.

Aviator Game

This is the real hit from a developer that breaks all records of popularity among casino games. Undoubtedly, Aviator game is a unique offer with tournaments, promotions, and additional bonuses. The game's meaning is elementary: you need to place a bet, watch the multiplier increase during the plane's takeoff, stop the game at the right moment, and get your winnings.

The game has an interesting set of features, including:

  • Double bet
  • Live chat
  • Statistics of bets and winnings
  • Unlimited odds

It is worth noting that the game's developers tried to make the flight the main part of the game and did not let you be distracted from the process even for a second. This strategy has worked, and gamblers can increase their stakes by 100, 200, and even 1000 times.

Crash game Aviator by Spribe has become one of the most popular in RajBet online casino in 2022 and continues to increase the number of fans worldwide.

Dice Game

In cryptocurrency casinos, Dice game has gained tremendous popularity. The meaning of this dynamic game is to guess whether the result will be higher or lower than the number guessed by the player. RajBet online casino players note that Dice game has an exciting interface and straightforward gameplay.

How to play:

  • Place a bet
  • Adjust the range by moving the slider
  • Select one of the ROLL UNDER or ROLL OVER buttons

An interesting feature of the Dice game by Spribe is the probability of winning given input data, so only the player decides to risk it big or reach the goal using small wins.

Another feature that makes the game process enjoyable is autoplay. This is a very convenient way for the player to set automatic parameters and watch the game process without additional manipulations.

The maximum win of the Dice game is 970 times the bet. However, you can choose the possible winnings starting from 1.10x of the bet. But it would be best if you remembered that as the size of the potential win increases, the probability of hitting the jackpot decreases.

Keno Game

Another game with a lamp vibe Keno game is for all gamblers regardless of experience. The game has many different features that users like, but the most important of them is the ability to win big money quickly.

It is worth noting that Keno game does not require special skills, and here you will have to trust only your intuition, so if you are a darling of fate, this game is definitely for you.

How to play:

  • Select the betting balls on the field (Maximum 10 out of 36)
  • Set the bet size
  • Click the "bet" button

The maximum win is 100x, and this is if all ten balls from your bet are matched. Also, players are allowed to Autoplay and random numbers when the numbers on the betting table are selected randomly. In general, Keno game by Spribe is a good and simple game for those who are tired of slots and building complex strategies. Just trust your intuition and win big money.

Plinko Game

play plinko

The classic American TV game "The Price is Right" is getting a second life at RajBet online casino, thanks to the Spribe provider.

The visual meaning of the Plinko game is simple: at the start, the ball is launched on top of the board with pins, and in which box with a multiplier the ball will land at the end. This will be the winner.

Game Features:

  • Multi-colored balls with different levels of risk
  • Autoplay
  • Max win 555x
  • Possibility to change the number of pins in a round
  • Demo version

If you miss entertainment from the 80s, then the Plinko game is definitely for you. Thanks to its simple gameplay and many betting features, Plinko Spribe has fans, both among professional gamblers and those who are just starting their journey in online casinos.

Goal Game

Provider Spribe is a leader in developing games with unusual gameplay, such as the Goal game with a football vibe. It is reminiscent of a classic sapper, only the ball is involved in the game, which must be carried through the entire field without hitting the bomb.

By the way, the Goal game by Spribe can be stopped by withdrawing your money or continue playing with the ball until the end of the field, the whole football theme of the game ends on the ball, but this does not mean that it does not have interesting functions.

Game features:

  • Field selection - small, medium, and large
  • Autoplay. Set the path of the ball and the number of rounds, and press the autoplay button
  • Random bets. The direction of the ball is chosen randomly using the random button
  • History of bets

So, this Goal game will be comfortable for those who spend hours in the office playing minesweeper, but the provider makes it possible to kill time and make good money. So yes, in Goal game there are no infinite coefficients, as in Aviator, but you can completely relax and trust your skills and intuition.

Play Spribe Games at RajBet Casino

This is not all the variety of games offered by the Spribe provider on for beginners and mastodons of the gambling industry. And even though this is a fairly new company, it can already be said with confidence that they have made several revolutions in online casinos and continue their victorious march.

A feature of Spribe games is simple graphics and uncomplicated rules, which, combined with fairly wide functionality, earn great love among users daily.

All games from the provider are available in demo mode, so if you have yet to try any of them, you can try them right now and make sure that this is one of the best software on the market.

Play Spribe games at RajBet online casino India, enjoy the process and win big money effortlessly.

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