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Crazy Time Evolution Gaming - How to Play, Bonuses, Strategy

Crazy Time Evolution Gaming - How to Play, Bonuses, Strategy

2021-11-12 05:00

Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming is a live casino game that offers players a unique and immersive experience. It builds on the success of its top-rated Dream Catcher game, taking entertainment to unprecedented heights in live casino gaming.

The game is centered on a large, multicolored money wheel. Still, unlike traditional money wheels, Crazy Time also features multipliers that can boost the prize amounts and four bonus games where the action can get wild and unpredictable. Combining live action with RNG gameplay, the game offers players the chance to win prizes up to 25,000 times their stake, a level of excitement that few money wheels can match.

How to play Crazy Time Casino

At the start of each round, two wheels spin. The first is the main money wheel which is divided into 54 segments, displaying the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, and the names of the bonus games.

Before the round starts, players select a stake and choose whether the wheel will stop on one of the numbers or one of the bonus games. Of course, you can bet on more than one choice if you prefer.

When you play Crazy Time, one of the most successful games created by Evolution, the wheel spins, and if it stops on the segment you choose – you win! If the winning segment is a number, players earn their stake multiplied by the winning number.

If the winning segment is a bonus game, then players who bet on the correct segment move to another part of the studio for the bonus round to be played.

However, as well as the main money wheel, a Top Slot also spins. The Top Slot is split into two reels. The reel on the left displays the numbers or bonus games from the money wheel, while the reel on the right displays multipliers.

If the winning segment on the money wheel is shown on the Top Slot's left reel, the multiplier on the right reel is applied. In this way, it is possible to drastically improve the amount of money awarded!

Crazy Time Game Bonuses

The absolute pleasure of playing the Crazy Time live game is in the exciting bonus games. If the main money wheel stops in one of the bonus games, all players who bet on it advance to the next round. Crazy Time live includes four exciting bonus games in which players can participate.

The first is the Coin Flip game, in which a coin's red and blue sides are assigned two values. The Flip-o-Matic flips a coin and awards the appropriate bet multiplier.

This is followed by Cash Hunt, where a shooting gallery with 108 icons fills the screen. Players open the bet multiplier by clicking on one of the icons.

Pachinko is the third bonus game in which the host throws the puck into a huge pachinko wall with 16 possible outcomes. When the puck hits bottom, the bonus bet multiplier is unlocked. Sometimes he shows the word "Double," In this case, all prizes are doubled, and the host repeats the process.

The fourth bonus game is the fantastic Crazy Time live game, which takes place in a mesmerizing room filled with animated entertainment. Players choose yellow, green, or blue flappers, and a vast money wheel starts spinning. Anything the flapper points to is rewarded to the player, and it is even possible to land on "double" or "triple" segments, which double or triple the payouts and cause the wheel to spin again.

Crazy Time Strategy

To get the most out of your Crazy Time gaming, you might want to look at adopting a betting strategy. First off, let's just say that no strategy or system will guarantee winning results all of the time. Online casino games are structured so that luck is the overriding factor that cannot be cracked.

However, many players choose to use betting strategies to try and help improve their results and maximise their enjoyment of playing casino games in the process.

The key to scoring the biggest wins in Crazy Time is during its four bonus rounds since that's where the largest bet multipliers can be found. This means that when devising a Crazy Time strategy, it is important to factor in bonus round bets. Let's see how you can begin to formulate a Crazy Time strategy.

Volatility based strategy

There are several volatility-based approaches you can make depending on your risk/reward tolerance. Lower volatility represents a 'safer' approach as more of the board is covered, so there is a larger chance of winning something.

A highly volatile approach focuses on winning bonus rounds, which happens less often but possess greater potential rewards when they do hit.

Here are two examples of volatility-based strategies where the stakes represent units of your bankroll. A unit might be 1% of your budget, for example.

Low Volatile Betting

  • Segment 1 – 1.5 units to cover 37.01% of the board.
  • Segment 2 – 1.5 units to cover 25.93% of the board.
  • Segment 5 – 1.5 units to cover 12.96% of the board.
  • Coin Flip – 0.5 units to cover 7.4% of the board.
  • Cash Hunt – 0.5 units to cover 3.7% of the board.

Theoretically, betting like this will help replenish your balance while providing the chance of triggering two of Crazy Time's bonus games.

High Volatile Betting

  • Segment 5 – 2.5 units to cover 12.96% of the board.
  • Segment 10 – 2.5 units to cover 7.4% of the board.
  • Coin Flip – 1.25 units to cover 7.4% of the board.
  • Pachinko – 1.25 units to cover 3.7% of the board.
  • Cash Hunt – 1.25 units to cover 3.7% of the board.
  • Crazy Time – 1.25 units to cover 1.85% of the board.

This strategy moves away from smaller value wins to help improve the chance of potentially landing larger wins. There is statistically less chance of winning, so there may be downtime, but the hits should theoretically be higher when they come.

Wrap Up

As stated, no Crazy Time strategy can produce winning results all of the time – this is the same as playing any other game of chance.

However, if you are looking for a more systematic way of tackling the game, then betting methodically helps you keep control of your bankroll, focuses betting on the way you prefer to gamble, and may lead to better results and enjoyment levels. Good luck!

Crazy Time Statistics

Before playing the Crazy Time live game at RajBet casino, many players seek ways to increase their chances of winning. To discover trends, some players turn to services that gather game statistics generated by examining data from prior games. These data frequently include the total number of games played and the magnitude of the victory, which may assist players in determining when and how to risk in order to optimize their budget and boost their chances of winning.

Trackers are a popular resource that collects information about live games and provides access to jackpot statistics and other wheel features. The trackers show the wheel feature spawn percentage, which can give players a good idea of their chances in the game. Using Crazy time live trackers, players can develop a winning strategy based on data and increase their chances of winning.

If relying solely on intuition is insufficient, Crazy Time trackers can be a valuable tool to improve your winning strategy.


What is the minimum bet in Crazy Time?

Crazy Time live can be played for just 1 rupee, making it ideal for just about any gambling budget.

Can I win real money at Crazy Time Casino?

Yes, you can! Customers play Crazy Time to have fun and potentially win real money. According to Crazy Time's maker Evolution Gaming, it is possible to win up to 25,000 times your bet.

Can I play Crazy Time in India?

Yes. Indian players can play all of the online casino games in Rupees we offer at Rajbet. Crazy Time casino game is one of our most popular and is chosen by many Indian gamblers.

Why is Crazy Time casino live game so popular?

Money wheels are one of the most exciting games in many physical casinos. Developer Evolution has taken everything players expect from regular money wheels and dramatically upped the thrills, options, and winning potential. Add on four bonus games, and it's no wonder so many play Crazy Time.

What is a good Crazy Time strategy?

As with all online casino games, luck is the overriding factor in players' success. As such, there is no Crazy Time casino game strategy we can recommend guaranteeing results.

Therefore, like all online gambling, set a budget, have fun, and enjoy the unique entertainment that Crazy Time has to offer.

Is there an Autoplay feature in Crazy Time live?

Crazy Time live offers an autoplay mode that allows players to repeat selected bets for several game rounds. Once you have placed your bets, you can start an autoplay by clicking the "Autoplay" button. This feature allows you to sit back and let the game run automatically without having to make separate bets each round.

Where can I see the results of previous Crazy Time live rounds?

By selecting the "History" option, you can view the results of any Crazy Time game. All past results will be displayed here to see how often each bonus game is activated.

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