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Booongo Tournament Grab the Apple

Booongo Tournament Grab the Apple

2022-05-26 08:30


Booongo Tournament "Grab the Apple "

Progressive prize pool: starts from 2 400 000 

The tournament will be held 26.05.2022 14:30 - 01.06.2022 02:30 IST 


Tournament Rules:

The minimum bet to participate in the tournament is 16 ₹   

To qualify for the leaderboard, you need to make at least 100 spins in one or more in tournament games.

Points are awarded by the winning multiplier, where x1 = 1 point:

For example, a player bets 30 ₹ , wins 300 ₹ , therefore, 300/30 = 10 points

Points are also awarded for the sum of win spin. 80 ₹ = 1 point.

Only completed spins will be included in the leaderboard.

Participants should earn as many points as possible during the tournament.


Play following tournament slots by Booongo:









Progressive prize pool.
Starts from 2 400 000
The prize pool of the current tournament will be growing with each bet done by all tournament participants and will be relatively distributed between winning position, the more bets - the higher prize amount. The growing prize pool table is updating every 3-4 minutes in tournament games from Booongo.

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