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It’s no surprise that lotteries are one of the most popular ways of gambling. In fact, they are so popular; many who play them don’t consider them gambling at all.

For a small outlay, huge sums of money can be won. In many cases, the amount won has changed the lives of its winners forever. Many pay off debts, travel, or simply enjoy buying nice things for themselves, their family, or friends.

Now, imagine taking part in a lottery where you don’t even need to buy a ticket. Seems too good to be true? Well, on lucky players can win prizes at an online lottery without any investment.

How to win an online lottery without investment

The first step is to head to and register a new account. Sign up is quick and easy, so you’ll be having fun in moments. Next, play any game you like for the chance to win our monthly lottery. That’s all there is to it! Pick from exciting games like:

Not only can you win while playing a huge range of your favourite games, but you can also pick up extra rupees from RajBet’s Indian online lottery. There is no need to buy lottery tickets online, so there is no investment required at all.

What can you win at the Indian online lottery at RajBet

RajBet is a synonym of RajWin, here we hold a regular lottery, drawn every single month. Lucky players are randomly selected, and the lottery win tops up any other payouts they may have had that month. The total prize pool is a fabulous 100,000₹, and the three top winners receive:

  1. First place wins 40 000₹
  2. Second place wins 20 000₹
  3. Third place wins 10 000₹
  4. Forth place wins 8 000₹
  5. Fifth place wins 7 000₹
  6. Sixth place wins 5 000₹
  7. Seventh place wins 4 000₹
  8. Eighth place wins 3 000₹
  9. Ninth place wins 2 000₹
  10. Tenth place wins 1 000₹

So what are you waiting for? Not only do players get one of the best line-ups of online slots, table and card games or live casino online, they also have the added opportunity of taking part in a best online lottery India.

Winning can be as easy as playing at, where you do not need to buy a ticket to be in for a chance.


Which is the best lottery in India?

One of the best lotteries in India is the free online lottery for real money provided here at RajBet. Not only does it give players the chance to win a share of 100,000 rupees every month, but it does not cost anything to enter. By playing your favourite games, you are automatically in for a chance to win every month.

How to predict the next lottery numbers?

Lottery numbers are drawn at random, so predicting what they might be simply cannot be done. Despite being impossible, this does not stop people from trying to guess and this is part of what makes playing the lottery so much fun.

How to calculate lottery combinations?

Some people have devised complicated formulas to calculate lottery combinations, but none can be relied on to work. Others choose numbers significant to them such as birthdates. Selecting numbers is an enjoyable exercise in itself.

How can I buy a lottery ticket online in India?

To make things easy, taking part in one of the best online lotteries in India does not require buying tickets. All you need to do is register here at RajBet India, deposit your allocated bankroll amount and play. We do the rest by randomly selecting winners each month.

Is it better to play lottery online?

Playing the lottery online is a superior option for several reasons.

• It is a safe activity to engage in, done from the comfort of your own home.

• There is no need to go out in public on the busy streets to buy a ticket.

• Playing online is easy to do, and can be enjoyed alongside family or friends making it a more social pastime.

• Playing the lottery online comes with’s 24/7 support team so you always have back up should you ever have any questions or queries.

Can I play the lottery on my phone?

RajBet is fully optimized platform to run as well on modern mobile devices as on a desktop computer. Mobile users can register new accounts, make deposits and play casino games using RajBet app to take part in the monthly 100k lottery.

What should I buy if I win the lottery?

One of the most fun things about taking part in a lottery is dreaming about what you'd spend the winnings on. Some choose further education, travel the world, help family, or invest - the choice is yours, rajbet = win and the sky is the limit!

Has anyone won the lottery twice?

This has happened on several occasions. British couple David and Kathleen long won £1m in 2013, and another £1m plus a car in 2015, both in Euromillions.

The brilliant thing at RajBet is the lottery is held on a monthly basis, so as long as you are playing, you have a great chance to potentially win the jackpot more than once.

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