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Free bets at Rajbet

Rajbet continues implementing cutting-edge tools to improve the user sports betting experience and upgrade the Player's earnings. We are convinced that our players' success is the best evidence that we are on the right track. 
From now on, the RajBet community can enjoy all the benefits of free bets. Let's have a look at the three available FreeBets types. 
Bet Refund

  • This bet type gives the player a chance to get the net bonus amount if they win. 

For example:
Free bet amount for a player = 1000 INR
The bet coefficient = 1.89
If the player bets everything and wins, he will get 890 INR absolutely for free. Remember that Bet Refund is a win-win option. If your bet doesn't succeed, you lose only the Free bet amount. 
No-Risk Bet

  • The player makes a bet. The bet net amount is debited from the players' accounts. If they win, the payout consists of the winning and bet amount. Otherwise, we will transfer back the bet amount to the players' accounts.

For Example:
Free bet amount for a player = 1000 INR,
A player makes a bet from their Real Balance with the coefficient = 1.89.
If the players' bet succeeds, they win 1890 INR. Otherwise, we transfer the bet amount (1000 INR) to the Player's Real Balance. 
Free Money

  • The player gets a bonus amount of funds and decides to bet it all. They receive both the winning amount and the free bet amount if they win.

For example:
Free bet amount for a player = 1000 INR, 
The bet coefficient = 1.89.
The player bets everything from the free bet bonus balance on the team with a coefficient of 1.89. If they win, the payout is 1890 INR. Otherwise, a player will lose only the free bet (1000 INR) amount.
As you can see, all the available free bets types offer our community an opportunity to multiply earnings. Big chances are never small stakes. More options are available, the higher chances to succeed. 
Contact the Rajbet chat support team to know more about free bets.
Enjoy playing, enjoy winning!

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