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Prize pool: € 20 000

02.10.20 09:00 UTC - 07.10.20 07:00 UTC

Tournament rules:

Play following tournament slots by Booongo:



The goal of the participants is to earn as many points as possible during the tournament.

Points are awarded by the winning multiplier, where x1 = 1 point: For example, a player bets 45 INR, wins 450 INR, therefore, 450/45 = 10 points

The minimum bet to participate in the tournament is 45 INR

To qualify to the leaderboard, you need to make at least 100 spins in one or more tournament slots.

Only completed spins will be included to the leaderboard.

Each online casino player will have a unique tournament id that will be visible in the tournament leaderboard.

Participants who do not qualify will not be included in the winners table.

The tournament table is displayed in all tournament slots, the results are updated every 5 minutes (in case of technical problems, it can be updated up to 30 minutes)

If two participants scored the same number of points, the position above will be taken by the one who scored them earlier.

The company reserves the right to decline participation of the player in case of: an attempt to abuse prizes, violation of casino rules or manipulations related to the lack of necessary information.

The casino is not responsible for errors and failures on the part of the gaming provider.

Payments are made by provider Booongo within 72 hours after the end of the tournament.

Payments are made in the currency participated in the tournament, according to the current exchange rate.


1 place  2000 €
place 1600 €
place 1200 €
4-5 place 600 €
6-10 place 400 €
11-50 place 120 €
51-100 place 80 €
101-200 place 20 €

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