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  • Real Baccarat with Holly
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  • Real Roulette with Caroline
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  • Real Roulette with Holly
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Have you been an admirer of the online casino roulette game for a long time? Maybe classic card games or the online wheel of fortune is just the beginning of your gambler journey?

Yes, these are popular and beloved games, the choice is in any case very worthy, but what if, in addition to the gameplay, you get a sense of brand identity and a luxurious atmosphere inherent in the closed parties of the Hollywood Hills?

The standard of the image transmission in the highest quality, since you are dealing with an interactive video shot with the help of professional actors under the guidance of talented directors and a real film crew.

Advantages of Real Dealer Studios

From the beginning of the first round to the end of the last, the Real Dealer Studios provide consistently flawless execution:

  • Individual approach with a sense of the presence of a real person approach to online casino games is introduced thanks to high-quality interactive videos and the art of filmmaking. Based on random number generator algorithms, it has never felt so human-like.
  • Players will also appreciate the download speed, the possibility to evaluate moves without haste and think about their actions, the impeccably accurate distribution, and, in case of interruption, the possibility to resume the game.
  • The powerful game engine provides a flawless immersion thanks to the smooth video transmission that combines high-quality images and crystal-clear sound.

The truly original concept of the Real Dealer Studios differs from the usual online live casinos.

The Most Popular Real Dealer Games

Real Dealer Studios offers gamblers with expensive tastes the most time-tested classic online casino games in the atmosphere of a private luxury casino:

  • Real Roulette
  • Fortune Finder
  • Real Baccarat

If you prefer to play all by yourself to achieve the highest concentration, Multifire Auto Roulette made by Real Dealer is offered especially for such gamblers by RajBet online casino.

Real Dealer Games Have No Analogues

A fresh offering in a market brimming with monotony but has nothing to do with a Real Dealer Studios. Every online casino game Real Dealer is an independent, high-quality end product that's not tied to a live studio, as many other live casino games, that you know. No crowd. Just you, your dealer, and your online casino game.

Real Dealer Studios is the first provider in the world that uses directors and producers to create online casinos with live dealers. The UKGC and MGA license and eCOGRA certificates ensure safe and fair play.

Play Real Dealer Casino Games for Real Money

Be unique and classy. Complete the image of a good player by choosing a platform for online casino games that suits your self-expression! RajBet online casino is always there to provide the best service for comfortable gambling!

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