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  • Keno 20/80
    Keno 20/80
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  • Keno 10/80
    Keno 10/80
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  • Keno 5/80
    Keno 5/80
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  • Win 50/80
    Win 50/80
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  • Win 40/80
    Win 40/80
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  • Win 30/80
    Win 30/80
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  • Win 20/80
    Win 20/80
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  • Win 10/80
    Win 10/80
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  • Win 5/80
    Win 5/80
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  • Number in interval from-to (1/37)
    Number in interval from-to (1/37)
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  • Ball color (1/37)
    Ball color (1/37)
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  • Drawn number (1/37)
    Drawn number (1/37)
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  • Sum of drawn numbers (Win 10/20)
    Sum of drawn numbers (Win 10/20)
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  • Win 10/20
    Win 10/20
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  • Win 5/20
    Win 5/20
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  • First drawn number (Win 5/20)
    First drawn number (Win 5/20)
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  • First 5 balls, more (Win 5/20)
    First 5 balls, more (Win 5/20)
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  • Sum of first 5 balls (Win 5/20)
    Sum of first 5 balls (Win 5/20)
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  • First ball color (Win 5/20)
    First ball color (Win 5/20)
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  • Colors completed (Win 35/48)
    Colors completed (Win 35/48)
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  • First drawn number (Win 5/48)
    First drawn number (Win 5/48)
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  • First 5 balls, more  (Win 5/48)
    First 5 balls, more (Win 5/48)
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  • Sum of first 5 balls (Win 5/48)
    Sum of first 5 balls (Win 5/48)
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  • First ball color (Win 5/48)
    First ball color (Win 5/48)
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  • Win 7/48
    Win 7/48
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  • Win 5/48
    Win 5/48
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  • Lucky Six 35/48
    Lucky Six 35/48
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At RajBet, we are huge fans of giving players what they want. To cater for gamblers who like live lottery-style gaming, we've partnered with one of the best in business – Lotto Instant Win.

This is a team that is passionate about 'designing the future of lottery games'. Bringing Lotto Instant Win on board means RajBet online casino customers have a host of outstanding gambling opportunities at their fingertips, 24/7.

Streamed live from professional studios and hosted by friendly dealers, Lotto Instant Win creates lush, elegant gaming environments to enjoy. Their range of live games is as impressive as their production values meaning a stack of exciting options to try.

Some of these fantastic online lottery game variants and betting opportunities include:

  • Keno
  • Lucky six
  • Sum of first five balls
  • First drawn number
  • Ball colour

One great thing about Lotto Instant Win games is how simple yet exciting they can be to play. Simply find the game you like, pick a bet, and let the host run the fun.

There are no complicated rules to learn. Lotto Instant keeps things simple so players can kick back and enjoy the action.

Not sure where to begin your journey with Lotto Instant Win? No problem! Feel free to take a tour through our great selection of Lotto Instant Win casino games, demo the ones you like the look of and switch to real money gambling at any time.

The action is available any time of the day, so whenever the mood strikes for some potentially lucrative gaming, take a look at the stellar line-up of Lotto Instant Win games available at!

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